Nakakaasar lang!

Some don’t appreciate the effort exerted by those people trying to make a living. WT! For 17.5 kilos of goods babayaran ka lang ng 300 pesos?? 2hours of struggling just to reach the other side of the river tapos un lang? Maawa naman kayo. You sell those goods for more than 80 pesos per kilo sa market! Indeed, greediness is eating the world. Astagfirullah!

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Now that killed me!! Amazing 2ne1! Ohmyg! Those those those songs are just amazing beyond words! DAEBAK 2ne1!

And i’m so inlove with #ComeBackHome!

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👀6:06pm @ZamboangaGolf&BeachPark.
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Happy ❤ day!!
Dad called and said “wake up! I bought something” before 3am. 

Hehe thank you Ama. ^^
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Time check: 12:35am

Good morning everyone.

Still awake and listening to some Goo goo dolls and Lifehouse hit songs. :)

~~When the walls come down
You’ll know I’m here to stay
There’s nothing I would change
Knowing that together everything that’s in our way
We’re better than alright -between the raindrops.

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Happy chinese new year everyone!
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Anna is the cutest. ❤❤